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Vanasuma : (Environmental projects)

"Can we create another earth? Let us save the present one at least"

  • Rain water harvesting


    Almost 75% of the roof water harvesting has been done.

  • Solar lamp


    At least 60% of the lighting is solar - Credit Vikrant Ladies Club

    Solar lamp
  • Astra stove


    Bio mass fuel is used. Simultaneously heats up 3 containers. Suitable for mass cooking, Very fuel efficient. Partnership : CREST, NIE, Mysore

    astra stove
  • Biomass boiler


    Used for heating water. We can use all types of bio mass including waste paper, dry leaves etc.

  • Borewell recharging


    All roof water collected, filtered and let into the borewell.

  • Children making Ganapathy


    It is a tradition at Divyadeepa to use clay Ganesha made by our own children. No oil paint is used. Only water colours are used. This way we are not only preventing water pollution but also enhancing creativity of the children.

    Making Ganapathy
  • Eco toilet


    Environment friendly - No flushing is required - Urine and solid waste are separated - No ground water pollution - Humanure produced being used for plants

    Eco toilet
  • Waste paper collage work


    Made from waste magazines

  • Gobar gas stove


    Cow dung generated by cows is converted into gas and used for cooking.

    Gas stove

Divyadeepa has taken up many environment related projects with the following objectives : Helping to preserve the environment, Creating awareness among the children of our school and community regarding the environmental issues.

  1. Organic farm : Whether it is coconut trees or fodder for the cows, vegetables or flower plants, Divyadeepa never uses chemical fertilizers and manures. Organic manures like Gobar gas slurry, Vermi compost, Humanure are being commonly used for plant care. Organic pesticides are also being used.
  2. Solar Lights : Almost all buildings are equipped with Solar lights which is a renewable energy.
  3. Eco toilet : Our school has a unique Eco toilet.
    1. It prevents ground water pollution.
    2. It is almost a dry toilet - No flushing is required
    3. Urine and solid waste get separated. Diluted urine goes to the coconut trees. Solid humanure is used for plants.
    4. It is clean and hygienic.
  4. Renewable energy sources :
    1. Cooking is done using Gobar gas and Fuel efficient Astra stove
    2. For hot water, we use Bio mass stove
  5. Roof water harvesting :
    1. Total 23,000/- litres of roof water storage has been created.
  6. Use of eco-friendly materials :
    1. Divyadeepa is highly eco-conscious. Eco chip boards are used for cots and window shutters. Hi-tech sheets without Asbestos are used for roofing.

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