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Core Resident Volunteer

"Avail trial stay offer"
For details email your Resume to divyadeepa.trust@gmail.com with subject core resident volunteer.

Divyadeepa offers you :
  1. Vegetarian food
  2. Simple accommodation with attached bath.
  3. A healthy emotional atmosphere.
  4. An honorarium enough to take care of personal needs.
  5. After mutual trust is built, enough freedom to innovate and excel is guaranteed.
  6. A platform to discover yourself.

You are an ideal volunteer:
  1. If you are service minded and willing to lead a simple life.
  2. If you enjoy staying in a green, serene and rustic environment.
  3. You maintain good health.
  4. You practice "We" work culture
  5. You have the required skill / talent needed for the job
  6. You have transcended the barriers of caste, religion etc.
  7. You are willing to volunteer for at least one year or for life.
  8. You are supposed to spread positive things horizontally and negative things vertically so that the issues can be sorted out.

Responsibilities : Choose according to flair and skill

bullet Children welfare
bullet Teaching
bullet Administration
bullet Fund Raising
bullet Stores Management
bullet Dairy and Farming
bullet Van Driving
bullet Repair and Maintenance
bullet Community Development
bullet Income Generation
bullet Developmental works
bullet Any unplanned work depending on the need of the organization

  • MBA students from SDMC

    MBA students from SDMC

  • with German volunteers

    No barriers for bonding- with
    German volunteers

  • Ready for Physical work

    Ready for physical work

  • Preparing for Independence day

    Preparing for Independence day

  • Planning


  • teaching papercraft

    Volunteer Divya teaching papercraft

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