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National Relevance

"Schooling often comes in the way of education"- Mark Twain

Why is India still a developing country?

Overpopulation? Poverty? Corruption? Political system?...Reasons are many. But the root cause is lack of education.

Yes! It's true, our India has produced Software giants, Nobel laureates and has made great strides in Information science, Space & Nuclear Technology. It's true, sensex is booming, growth rate is going up, there are many job opportunities. There are many schools in India. ICSE schools, CBSE schools, Quality English medium schools.. , but all in urban India. So, the 'India', urbanites perceive is very utopian and is quite different from the real 'India'.

Come to rural India, where more than 60% of the Indians dwell. It is a different story altogether. Rains or no rains, 16 to 18 years of power cut per day is a norm here. No newspaper! Very few villages have the luxury of a primary health care centers! Most of the villagers still defecate in open. No educated person dares to stay at these villages. Thanks to the determined efforts of the Government. Most of the villages have a Kannada medium primary school. But due to ignorance and poverty of the parents, poor student to teacher ratio, lack of infrastructure in village schools, children either fail to make the grade or drop out. Unfortunately rote teaching methods also substantially contribute to this burning issue.

So there are millions of children in India who are deprived of quality education. Unfortunately after independence, we have not given the right priority to primary education of first generation school goers from rural BPL families.

According to recent survey (Kannada Prabha dt.18-05-2010) conducted by the officials of Education department, Karnataka state lags behind Madhya Pradesh and Bihar in learning. Only 67% of 8th standard students can fluently read 2nd standard Kannada text book. Only 21% of the 8th standard children are comfortable with 2nd standard Mathematics. Following press reports corroborate this.


In this context our school based on the concept "School for children" instead of the usual "Children for School" is relevant. Nucleus of our school is Children. We are ready to bend any rule so that each child learns happily. We have a firm conviction that each child wants to learn things in its own way, at its own pace and its personality blossoms in a unique way.

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