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  • sunrise


    Photo taken from Divyadeepa campus. 'Divya Deepa' means Divine lamp in Kannada

  • Overall view


    Overall view containing office, computer laboratory, science laboratory, library, multi-purpose hall, 45,000 litres capacity sump, OH tank, residence for workers.

  • Vahini


    'Vahini' means flow, symbolising mutual flow of knowledge, love between teachers and children. This is an innovative open air learning area. Attached to it there is a small toy room. Area consists 4 tables and 6 students can sit surrounding each table. Teacher moves from table to table. By this arrangement, children get adequate attention. Children will get enough space to make projects collectively. Children can be made to sit in groups according to their learning ability. Roof is made of eco-friendly MCR tiles. It has got a black board also. Provision has been made for keeping the bags. Volunteers laid the roof for this learning area.

  • Atheetha


    'Atheetha' means without boundary. As name suggests it neither has roof nor walls. Trees provide natural shade 12 children can sit comfortably. It has a black board. Attached to it Kids Bank kiosk is there.

  • Prajna


    'Prajna' means consciousness. Again it is an open learning area.

  • Children Learning


    Children learning in 'Vahini'

    Children learning
  • Library -'Viveka'


    'Viveka' means wisdom.

  • 'Sadhana' - Science laboratory


    Sadhana means achievement. It also means instrument.

  • computer laboratory


    Solar powered computer laboratory. It has got good collection of CDS on academics, general knowledge.

    computer laboratory
  • Multi purpose hall

    photos/Multi purpose hall.jpg

    30' x 50' multipurpose hall. Asbestos free roof sheets have been used. It has built in cupboards so that all school materials can be stored. It is being used for Yoga, Prayers, functions, TV viewing, etc. Outside of the hall has been beautifully painted by Pro-India volunteers indicating the values of Kaliyuva Mane : 'Love,Care,Empathy & Love'

    Multi purpose hall
  • Learning Shapes


    It contains different geometrical shapes. Intention is to transform the entire campus into a learning space.

    Learning Shapes
  • Slide


    It has cupboards for keeping sports materials and agricultural implements.

  • Playground


    More than half an acre is reserved for playground.

  • Chilipili - Dormitory


    'Chilipili' indicates sound of the active birds. This building contains boy's and girls dormitory, cooks room, kitchen, toilets and a verandah. Children have been provided with bunk cots.

  • Volunteers block


    There are four rooms. Each room can accommodate 4 volunteers. It is equipped with attached toilet and solar lamp.

    Volunteers block
  • Volunteers Room


    Interior of a volunteers' room.

    Volunteers room
  • Ms. Kimberlee with children


    Children have the exposure to different cultures. One or two foreign volunteers will be present at the campus generally.

    Ms. Kimberlee with children
  • Kamadhenu


    Divyadeepa maintains a small dairy. Grass is grown in an organic way. So children get pure milk. Attached to it is a Gobar gas plant. The gas is being used for cooking.

  • school van


    School van brings children from neighbouring villages, brings volunteers from city etc.

    School van
  • Generator


    Divyadeepa is located in a power starved area. Power cut duration varies between 16 hours per day to 18 hours per day. We have a 15 KVA 3 phase silent DG set.


  1. 2 acres and 33 guntas of calm green environment away from hussle buzzle of the city.
  2. Fully fenced land with gate
  3. A very good approach road from city up to the school.
  4. Buildings available :
    1. Reception
    2. Office
    3. A multi-purpose hall
    4. Solar powered computer laboratory
    5. Science Laboratory
    6. Library
    7. Innovative learning areas: 4 nos.
    8. Dormitory with cots for children to stay
    9. Kitchen equipped with Gobar Gas, Astra stove and LPG stove
    10. Volunteers Block
    11. A Guest House
  5. Own water source in the form of Tube well
  6. Solar lighting for few buildings
  7. 100 litres capacity Bio mass stove for hot water
  8. Rain water harvesting
  9. Half an acre earmarked for Playground
  10. Slide, Sand pool and Swing for the children
  11. Toys,
  12. Scooter and cycles for the children to learn,
  13. School Van for ferrying children and volunteers
  14. A small dairy farm for milk
  15. Vanasuma - Eco farm to impart environmental education
  16. 15 KVA 3 phase Diesel Generator Set

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