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"The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught"- Sri Aurobindo

Kaliyuva Mane follows a refreshing approach to education based on its rich experience of handling such children. To know the details, please browse PPT - Innovative approach Here are some highlights :

Admission : Children are admitted depending on the resources available. There is no fixed period for admission. No entrance test is conducted. Children below 12 years are preferred.

No discrimination : Neither children nor parents need to reveal birth based factors like "religion" or "caste".

Fee : The school does not collect any fees from the parents.

Emotional health : "We have discovered that an uncluttered mind is a prerequisite for learning. Love, Care & Empathy are the basic ingredients for an uncluttered mind."

Flexible curriculum : Curriculum for each child is decided depending on the initial assessment, grasping ability, flair, age etc.

Freedom : In order to succeed, a child should have freedom to fail. So, children are allowed to discover, explore and expand their knowledge through various learning experiences. No place is forbidden for the children including office and kitchen.

Learning Areas : "Vahini", "Atheetha", "Prajna" and "Praphulla" are few innovative learning areas which stimulate independent thinking.

Mind Training : Yogasana and Pranayama are introduced at the age of 12 years. These will enhance their concentration skills and memory. Children play intellectual games like chess, computer games etc. ,

Classes : Children have been divided into flexible groups, unlike 1st standard, 2nd standard, 3rd standard etc. Some of the group names are : Arvind, Vivek, Chaitanya, Chinmayi, Chiguru...based on many factors like current knowledge, age, grasping ability. Children may be moved from one group to another depending on child's performance.

Contextual learning : Learning is not restricted to class rooms. Children enjoy contextual learning at Kaliyuva Mane. Few examples :When they stand in front of a Sun, it is easier to teach directions. Children will be able to understand mystery behind rainbow when they watch it happily.

Kid's Bank : Children run a unique Kid's bank which teaches them bank transactions, improves arithmetic skills, enhances their academics and helps in moulding their character

Teachers : Teacher is not a strict task master, but a philosopher and a guide. While recruiting teachers a lot of importance is given to the factors like knowledge, skill, attitude, connectivity with the children etc. than to the mere degrees.

Methodology : Method of 'Known to Unknown' is being adopted. Learning as far as possible is through experiments, observations, interaction with teachers. Children learn from each other.

Mock courts : Whenever children quarrel, the disputes are often settled in a mock court.

Examinations : At frequent intervals of time, tests are conducted to assess the child's grasping and to determine what next has to be taught. No serious examinations to instill fear in the young minds. However at the age of 16 years children appear for the SSLC (X standard) public examinations conducted by Karnataka Government SSLC board.

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