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"Human capital is a vital ingredient in building a nation. Education is the passport to accelerated economic growth and is the key to build human capital"

Inspiration :

Divyadeepa derives inspiration from the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda. The spirit of compassion, patriotism and spirituality drives Divyadeepa.

Do you feel for these kids? Are you concerned with their present and future?
  • Children from difficult domestic backgrounds.
  • Children who are unable to adjust to the strict regimen of the conventional school.
  • Children dropped out from the school due to various compulsions of life.
  • Chilld labourers who have missed the sunny years of their childhoods.
  • Children of families who cannot afford a quality school for many reasons.
  • In a nutshell, mentally sound children who find main stream schools inadequate.

Addressing a national Problem :

Educated parents live in urban areas, they educate and mentor their children and see that they excel in life. But in rural India, where 68.84% of population lives, educational scenario is very gloomy. [Census 2011] In India, more than 13 crore children study in primary schools, class I to V. In the next stage, from class VI to VIII, the number dramatically drops to about 5.5 crore [source, :Times of India dt. 18-04-2012] Only 48.5% of 5th [Source, ASER report 2012] standard rural children can read standard II level text book and only 41.5% can do subtraction.

Solution : A New education system based on the philosophy, 'School for CHILDREN' rather than 'Children for SCHOOL'

Divyadeepa is an NGO, which has taken up grass root level research in this field, through a FREE experimental school 'Kaliyuva Mane' with residential facilities for rural "Out of System" students such as school dropouts, slow learners and underprivileged children. [Kaliyuva=learning, Mane=home] Grass root level work was started in August 1992 through free supporting classes. Kaliyuva Mane was started in 2005 at Kenchalagudu village on the outskirts of Mysore. A new education system has evolved here. BEO and DDPI have appreciated this new approach!

Going beyond Right to Education Act!

This free school has not only implemented RTE in spirit but has gone beyond it in several aspects. The school is also providing food, accommodation in an atmosphere charged with LOVE, CARE & EMPATHY for needy children. Rest of the children are coming as day scholars. Age range is beyond 6-14. Results of the milestone 10th public examination are very encouraging. Divyadeepa is also supporting the post-metric studies of deserving children. Kaliyuva Mane is registered with Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Karnataka under the provisions of Section 34(3) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children)

Infosys founder, Dr. N.R. Narayana Murthy who visited Divyadeepa on 16th January 2011, has remarked thus: "I'm so happy to see the wonderful work being done by Divyadeepa team to empower the 'FORGOTTEN INDIA'". Prof. T.K.S. Lakshmi, a member of National Curriculum Framework-2005, recently visited our school and has remarked, "Well done, Keep it up! This is also recognized by the children, parents and the public.

Towards a sustainably growing model ! Join the movement!

Working ideas, principles, systems which form the first pillar of any sustainably growing model are in place at Divyadeepa. 75% of the infrastructure is in place, which forms the second pillar. On the job human resource training is ensuring quality human resource which forms the third pillar. Creation of corpus funds is a principal concern. If you are compassionate /empathetic / patriotic / spiritually inclined, please join this movement.

The transformation brought by the school in the lives of the children, the transparency in running the organization and the success of the experiments carried out are attracting hundreds of young volunteers. Divyadeepa welcomes you visit to its home-cum-school to experience first-hand an atmosphere of joy and hope. We request you to contribute, volunteer or to be our good friend spreading good words about Divyadeepa.

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